HGH Is The One That Helps Makes You Huge, Ripped and Muscular In No Time!

HGH Is The One That Helps Makes You Huge, Ripped and Muscular In No Time!

Hands Down The Greatest All-Purpose Anabolic In History…

“Obscenely” Huge, Ripped and Muscular In No Time!

If a new law was just mandated that allowed bodybuilders and

athletes to take just one drug or supplement for their entire

career and no other… which one would they choose to ensure

they would have a long prosperous career!

How about Deca? It’s a relatively low androgen, an awesome

nitrogen retainer, incredible red blood cell producing, good

strength builder, and it doesn’t usually aromatize at doses

stay on small amounts year round, right? Wrong! Very wrong. Although

this compound has the reputation of being safe… and it is

for a steroid… you can’t stay on it indefinitely because

steroids need to be cycled. Serious natural hormone

flow is stopped after 4 – 6 months of continuous use, and

serious long-term liver and heart damage could happen with irresponsible

for one anabolic chemical that could be taken forever goes…

“Deca” might be considered the gorgeous, seductive

blonde! The more she gives you… the more you gotta give

want to pick a compound that you could intelligently use year

round, with no side effects, but still had powerful anabolic

to make sure the compound had a very, very wide array of actions

because remember… you can only pick one!

about precision growth hormone administration? Check out these

facts. In the correct amounts, GH will not adversely effect your

natural hormone flow… it will greatly augment it!

not shutting any of your natural test flow down… it will

now synergise with your newly augmented GH releasing system and

hard, ripped up lady’s man!

logical choice. As you may know, GH is converted to

IGF-1 by the liver, and as you may also know… IGF-1 is

the real secret of the California big boys who keep

getting bigger, and leaner every year… for 10 – 15

turn you into a FREAK!! And don’t

forget that GH is very anti-aging to your skin, internal organs

like your liver and heart and the much needed strengthening of

your joints, ligaments, and all other connective tissue in the

body! It’s true! Many, many bodybuilders who are intelligently

using GH look 10 – 15 years younger because GH helps form

collagen, which gives your skin that youthful thickness and smoothness.

and having healthy internal organs is important… but your

dream of being shredded and huge beyond the capacity of your

imagination is the reason you’ve read this far!

big drawback about GH, a big draw-back… the price. Many

guys are spending $2,000 - $3,000 a month on prescription growth.

Now, this is no problem if you happen to be dating Paris Hilton…

but for those less fortunate, “the cost of the dream”

get practically the same GH – IGF-1 effect for about 1/15

the cost? Heck, you wouldn’t even need Paris then. You could

be your own man… all “growthed out” with 2.3%

body fat with veins the size of a garden hose running up your

quads… leaving the ladies wondering just where all that

go to Gold’s in Santa Monica one Saturday morning and you’ll

see bodybuilding groupies literally “sexually assault”

some of the guys… who look too good to ignore.

Well, it ain’t the doctors prescription pad and $3K a month…

it’s Somatroph HGH from SDI LABS. Somatroph is a “designer

GH secretagogue” compound made by researchers at SDI that

almost identically models the effects of the prescription form.

Somatroph is developed to signal your own production of Growth

and won’t ever shut yours down! And what’s more…

researchers have also created a superior delivery system that

So, if by law you had

to choose just one compound to take for the rest of your life…

Somatroph HGH would be the choice of literally millions of bodybuilders

due to its affordable price range and the many muscle-building

and fat burning benefits no one single other compound can match!

the phone now and see just how affordable this amazing new, all

purpose GH compound is! You will not be disappointed… “guaranteed

muscle” is yours simply for the asking so call now 1-888-256-6785

and please have your credit card ready!


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