Hospitals  LiveTeleHealth

Hospitals LiveTeleHealth

LiveTeleHealth is designed to meet your greatest challenges head on.

Patients visiting the hospital unnecessarily take up your staff time, drain resources and cause patients undue stress. LiveTeleHealth allows patients to connect with the proper healthcare provider quickly and securely from their location and discuss the situation. Together, the healthcare provider and patient can determine the necessary treatment and move forward.maxisize prijs

Neither the patient nor the healthcare providers want patients to be readmitted to the hospital. With LiveTeleHealth, doctors can view patient’s progress and discuss treatment options that do not involve readmission.

Compliance with HIPAA and other regulations is a must at all times. With LiveTeleHealth, many of the challenges faced every day in the hospital setting are non-existent. There is no public sign-in list, no other patients around to listen into the conversation, and complete security of the connection and conversation. Our data center is fully HIPAA compliant or we can set the system up for your internal IT staff to manage.

Healthcare can be stressful for patients. Whether it is the mother bringing her child in for a fever, or the older patient recovering from surgery, getting to and from the healthcare facility, waiting in the waiting room, possibly waiting in the exam room and getting back on their way can take time. If they then feel the care provider is rushed, patient satisfaction scores decline. With LiveTeleHealth, patients get an opportunity to ask their questions and discuss their concerns with the care provider in a one-on-one setting without having to leave their home. Together, they determine if an office visit is necessary and together they work through any issues. Patients are part of the process and have the answers they need quickly and securely.

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